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They are all the rage, finger waves, and they come in many lengths, shapes and sizes. The one constant… Timeless.

Historically, the finger wave was a wet-set style: incorporating gels, a comb and lots of patience (and dry time); but today’s wave can be had with just a bit of heat from an iron. (I remember the pained efforts in beauty school, only to now thank my instructors). With a such a simple tool as a curling wand, you can add flavor to your style by giving that slight bit of bend to your fringe or front section of hair. Just pick one side, usually the thicker side opposite the part, give it the wave you want and tuck the other side behind your ear. Simple. Modern. Classic. Beautiful!

The finger wave pattern is an ‘S’ wave. To achieve this simply hold your iron in a diagonal slant when wrapping hair. Horizontal creates a barrel wave, while a vertical iron position creates a corkscrew. I know it sounds a bit hard, but it’s not. It is simply beautiful.

on creating fabric

Fabric, as defined in the dictionary: noun;
1. Cloth, typically produced by weaving or knitting textile fibers.
2. The walls, floor, and roof of a building.

So what does this have to do with hair?  Think of it as thread, yarn or any other type of fiber one would use to create your favorite sweater, shirt, blouse, etc.  The difference is a hairdresser’s medium is hair.  And with the right tools, there is nothing more beautiful than hair as a fabric!

So what are those tools?  We know of the obvious: a blow dryer, brushes, combs and such; but we cannot truly create a fabric without the baseline help of hair products.  Choosing the right products is important, for you are looking at mono & multi-fiber gels, creams and sprays to combine with hair and become one.  Mousse Volupte, Mythic Oil and Or Graphic: each from the Texture Expert line by L’Oreal Professionnel; are favorites as catalysts for my designs.  In conjunction with Densite, Volume Elevation or Fresh Dust, these products produce some incredibly beautiful styles.  I like to work Infinium #2 hairspray into the mix, as my binder, topping it off with #3 for hold, but if you live in the windy city – Infinium #4 or Freezing Mist is for you.  The point is hairsprays do not make the style, they finish the style, and you can’t create long lasting beautiful hair with just hairspray alone.

A textural change will happen when using product in your hair.  That change will help define the look you are going after and will give that look longevity.  Within the definition of fabric was an allusion to a building.  This second reference is also in direct correlation to hair and is in lock-step with how I visualize each product being layered together toward an end result.  As an example:  Densite is ever my beginning; the essential flooring for any design.  Layer Or Graphic to create my walls, while Infinium #3 becomes the roof.  Beautiful, yet simple.  Firm, yet pliable.  The array of products offered by Texture Expert are the keys to unlocking beautiful hair.

For more about creating fabric, or to get your own prescription for beautiful hair, feel free to contact me.

Scott Smith

To style or not to style, that is the question…

…And here are some answers.

When choosing a product for that incredible hairstyle of yours just created by your favorite stylist, it is important to know 3 things:  the texture of your hair, what your new look needs to support that style and the amount of effort you are willing to put forth to create that look.  Let’s look at these, one at a time.

The texture of your hair… This is the first thing your stylist wants to know when creating that style and/or color, it gives a world of information that helps your stylist determine how to best achieve the desired results.  It’s also what you need to know when choosing which product is best for you.  Whether fine, medium or coarse, L’Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert styling products will have what you need.  Let’s find out how to define your texture.  Take one strand of your hair and rub it between your fingers.  If you don’t feel anything = it’s fine.  You feel something gently between your fingers = medium.  The strand you feel has a strong and wire-like feel = coarse.   SMOOTH ULTIME – cream blow styling lotion – will take coarse hair and make it feel silky and smooth, while EXPANSION styling mousse will take fine hair into the world of fullness.

The needed support for that new style… Whether the change is subtle, or a complete makeover, your new look demands the right products to show it off.   If you are desiring a bit of lift at the root, VOLUME ELEVATION or LIFT EXTREME may be what you need.  Combine with DENSITE and you have the perfect foundation to beautifully voluminous hair.

Time and effort… Whether you love spending time on your hair, or are rushing out the door dripping wet, you need a product that speaks to your lifestyle.  Texture Expert products have just what you need to achieve your desired look in the amount of time you allow yourself the effort.  Our curl enhancers are a quick and easy way to creating beautiful bounce.  From ELASTICITE to SPIRAL EXTREME, your curls have never looked better!  Perhaps though, you prefer to play, then welcome to our wide array of products; creams, pomades, gels and sprays are all at your beck and call…

… Ask your stylist for advice on what’s best for you or log onto to find a salon near you that carries L’Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert.

Brazilian Keratin treatments and the New Year

Mark my words, it’s going to be a BIG year for QOD, or Brazilian Keratin system.  A BIG YEAR!  And why, you say…

…This treatment – for ridding your hair from unwanted frizz, or for softening the curls in your hair, is not like those straighteners from the recent past.  QOD is not a permanent treatment, but rather a semi-permanent system designed to treat your hair with the utmost care, focusing on it’s health and allowing your hair to show up again, frizz and all, after a spell of three to six months.   Take a little curl out or take it all away, your choice.  You, your hair and anyone having to ever wait on you will be oh, so happy.

This system, specifically QOD (pronounced quad) – the system I use, is a deep conditioning treatment that also happens to smooth the hair’s cuticle while enriching and strengthening it’s bonds.  The depth and strength of QOD allows for the most incredibly supple and moving hair, providing a beauty only worn by those fortunate few (with that perfect hair).  And if you color your hair, all the better reason for this treatment.  In fact, the greater the hair’s integrity has been compromised, the better the outcome after just one session with QOD.  No longer will you need to fight the frizz that comes with humid weather (why do you think it comes from Brazil?); QOD will have you traveling from Las Vegas to Miami without fear of the ever unpopular frizz explosion!  Maintenance is at a minimum, while your beauty has just been kicked up to max.             Check out this newest of relaxer techniques…you – will – love – it!

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