4, 4 in 3

What do those numbers stand for you ask?  Well, if you’ve been keeping up with Facebook you would know that it was my whirlwind hair tour; 4 events in 4 cities in 3 days!  I write this the morning after.  I simply must tell you all about the great events and, though these are all posted in my “Fun with L’Oreal” section, not all were related.  More on that as we move along.

My first stop was in Capitola at Rumours Salon.  Nice digs and a wonderful staff.  This class was all about Texturecutting and the new looks from our ROCK-n-FOLK Collection.  A look and learn component with three demo-cuts followed by a hands-on segment provided for much fun and creativity.  Everyone was incredibly engaged, keeping me on my toes with questions, and ready now to share with their clients.  After Rumours it was to the airport and beyond…

…well, to Las Vegas at least.  By the time I got to my hotel I had just enough time to tuck my self in for a long nap, needing to be ready for my new friends at Global House of Hair.  GHH is a gem waiting to be discovered.  The open floor design and modern, yet minimally applied style welcomes you and says, through no words, that you are in great hands.  GHH, having just opened this past May, was in need of support with regards to the various products at their fingertips.  A bit of group discussion followed by a hands-on transformation, provided, I hope, the tools and inspiration needed to elevate their game and help that gem to sparkle (plenty of sunshine there to let it gleam).  A tip of the hat to a wonderful salon and I wish you all the best!

(This is my third visit to Las Vegas and I have met such great stylists there, counting them as peers and friends)…

…and to the airport again.  This time, and later the same day, I was back at home and heading to my next event.  This presentation was at the LGBT Center in San Francisco for a presentation with my two friends and partners – Chris Scott and Antonia Russo.  Our presentation was on image building for career growth.  We focused on hair (yours truly), Makeup (Chris) and the ever important outfitting of oneself (Antonia).  The ladies in our audience were so wonderful, sharing as much their needs as they were eager to listen.  There was much to gain from this event and most of it was gained by me.  Thank you so much for allowing me (and us) to share with you in your lives.  I look forward visiting again soon.

After a much needed evening of a home cooked meal and relaxing with my bride, off to Menlo Park I went for a Transformation and product knowledge event at Studio 1258.  An evening event and a large, talented staff provided for some fun hair.  The Texture Expert products are new to the salon, so I really wanted them to get their hands dirty.  Much hair was moussed, gelled and sprayed on its way to looking beautiful and I thank everyone for their time and patience on what was undoubtedly, a long day for all.

Well, that’s about it for now.   Next stop…Seven Salon here I come!

beautiful is what you are

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