Brazilian Keratin treatments and the New Year

Mark my words, it’s going to be a BIG year for QOD, or Brazilian Keratin system.  A BIG YEAR!  And why, you say…

…This treatment – for ridding your hair from unwanted frizz, or for softening the curls in your hair, is not like those straighteners from the recent past.  QOD is not a permanent treatment, but rather a semi-permanent system designed to treat your hair with the utmost care, focusing on it’s health and allowing your hair to show up again, frizz and all, after a spell of three to six months.   Take a little curl out or take it all away, your choice.  You, your hair and anyone having to ever wait on you will be oh, so happy.

This system, specifically QOD (pronounced quad) – the system I use, is a deep conditioning treatment that also happens to smooth the hair’s cuticle while enriching and strengthening it’s bonds.  The depth and strength of QOD allows for the most incredibly supple and moving hair, providing a beauty only worn by those fortunate few (with that perfect hair).  And if you color your hair, all the better reason for this treatment.  In fact, the greater the hair’s integrity has been compromised, the better the outcome after just one session with QOD.  No longer will you need to fight the frizz that comes with humid weather (why do you think it comes from Brazil?); QOD will have you traveling from Las Vegas to Miami without fear of the ever unpopular frizz explosion!  Maintenance is at a minimum, while your beauty has just been kicked up to max.             Check out this newest of relaxer techniques…you – will – love – it!

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