July – the massage

A fabulous couple of events happened while in San Diego; an INCREDIBLE massage and a new, four-pawed family member.

The massage is definitely something to write about and tell everyone to get.  Barbara Obernesser is the newest member at *maryjane* and she is the massage therapist with the magic feet.  Did I say feet?  You bet I did.  The technique she practices is ASHIATSU, a method incorporating a mix of deep and relaxing massage movements, all with the use of her feet.

First Barbara spreads oil over your body, warms you up with some even strokes and stretches using her hands, then she climbs atop the table and, balancing herself with the use of two bars overhead, Barbara begins a rhythmic, soothing massage.  She can adjust the pressure as you desire, with half the energy spent.  After a joyous hour and a half, I was so refreshed and ready to conquer the world!  Everyone needs to sign up now and experience TRUE BLISS.  Thanks Barbara, your’e incredible.

The second great event was the adoption of Arnold the dog to our family.  He is a joy and his two brothers love him.  A crazy, dog filled household it is, but it’s a home filled with love.

And don’t forget…listen to your hairdresser!


  1. Angela says:

    What’s a gal and her new baby gotta do to get penciled in on your busy agenda my dear? We miss you lots—at least I do. And I’m sure Lily will start missing you as soon as she meets you! lol

    Hi to the lovely Miss Mary too 🙂

    BTW…I am dying for a hair overhau l—something really,rock & roll darling! Something, you know, like the groovy, gotta have it, “new momma” look!

    Hope to hear from you soon–big kisses and hugs!

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