TextureCutting at Square Salon

I simply must mention Square Salon in Las Vegas, they are such an awesome team and I just love to visit.

This was my second visit there and it was a blast, my first being an uphair design class – getting our hands dirty with gobs of product and big, big, BIG hair with which to create shapes.  This new class involved a sharing of techniques and philosophies on the art of cut design.  I introduced the staff to TextureCutting through two looks from our fall/winter 2009 collection: Rock-n-Folk.  To be honest, this was an introduction to our approach to cutting, a more in depth view is a whole different program all together, and the staff stepped up!

They are an enthusiastic and dedicated bunch at Square, showing up in full force on a day off to spend a few hours sharing knowledge, and they know their craft.  Diving in to the cuts, they would share among each other, as much as sharing with me their thoughts and challenges.  More a family than a team, everyone at Square Salon looks to each other for support and guidance, knowing that nothing is accomplished alone.  When the salon benefits, so does the staff (for the salon IS the staff).  The newest members, Eden and Amanda, are in great hands to develop great hands and will surely grow to become wonderful designers in a family of talent…

…and I look forward to my next visit!

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