So, I haven’t been around in a bit and for good reason…B-U-S-Y!  It seems that my efforts to spend more time at home are ever thwarted by my desire to create beauty, whenever and wherever I am called.  And who am I kidding…I LOVE IT!

My schedule with L’Oreal has been picking up steam, which is well by me, but I want to tell of two shows I recently had the pleasure of working; “Undressed SF” and “Undressed Seattle”.

These shows (and a third coming soon to Irvine – of which I am not a part of) are sponsored by MALY’S, a beauty supply house for the hairdresser, and they showcased about half a dozen manufacturers and their wares.  Really though, do we need to spend time on any other besides L’Oreal Professionnel?  These were shows – models, music, lights, camera and action!

First up…San Francisco.  The main artists for this show were Steven Cristobal and Kristjun Holt, and they were fantastic!  They are one half of the team that created our 2009-10 Fall/Winter Collection, Rock-n-Folk, and together they shared their vision – Steven on color and Kristjun on shape.

The Rock-n-Folk Collection is HOT!  It reaches back to move forward, showing off the history of hair in and through music, then updating and reinterpreting the looks for today’s fashions and habits.  Within the shape, we wanted to refine and heighten the designs created by those who, most often, cut their own hair, creating and enhancing their persona (as a stylist I can create the balance someone with kitchen shears can’t).  Color took on a whole new meaning and application.  Imagine simply grabbing a chunk of your hair and putting one color on it, while you apply a different and contrasting color on the rest of your hair.  That is essentially the attitude we wanted to convey with the collection, albeit in a much less hazardous, and much more controlled, atmosphere.  The patterns showed off the nuances of the haircuts, sometimes subtlety and other times aggressively.  All of the looks ROCKED (and folked, if that is your liking)!

The second show was in Seattle and once again featured Steven Cristobal, but the artist with him was Ryan Teal.  They also worked great as a team, but I must tell you that anyone teaming with Steven is on a great team.  He is a rock on stage; not a showman, just a solid teacher who’s lessons are succinct and work is effortless.  Both Steven and Ryan showed off some amazing talent and vision too!

Both of these events also featured an introduction to INOA, but I won’t go there just yet.  That topic will be presented in due time, so be patient and prepare yourself for the next revolution in hair color…you won’t want to be left behind.

These two events featured a great support team headed by our fearless leader, Maya Webb and featuring Dawn Mink, Heather, Jody, Richelle, Gustavo, Madelyn, myself and others along with our three wonderful models Kristin, Lauren and Nikita.  I can’t forget all the other models who waited patiently all day for their chance to shine.  They were terrific!

I look forward to these shows next year, but with me as a presenter…I love what I do!

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