Canadian Clothing, Photos and More…(oh, my)!

Hello, avid readers.  Recently, I was fortunate enough to be part of a photoshoot for a Canadian clothing firm’s catalogue.  Mark’s Work Wearhouse was shooting in sunny San Diego because well, where else does one find sun this time of year?  The shoot was great fun and I hope a relationship forms with them and their PR firm – Watermark (big thanks to Tanya), so I can remain employed.  Many thanks to the wonderful makeup artist  Erin Svalstad, for recommending my talents.

And speaking of photos, look to my gallery for the latest of my works.  To refresh, back in January I worked on a shoot with Shana Schnur that I called “yarnplay”.  Together with a wonderful team (Jensee, Nora, Libby and Liz), we created some seriously beautiful imagery, and hope that upon viewing, you will think likewise.  Shana just exhibited some of these pictures at the Visual Arts Gallery in New York, a great accomplishment for anyone!  We plan on sending images out in hopes of sharing them with others.  Come July, when I’m back in New york, we will shoot again.  And this time, I hope to expand the shoot over a few days, being sure to squeeze as much creativity from all as I can.  Did I say more?  Indeed, there is always more to share and I will do just that.

I’m working hard in the areas of L’Oreal, Salon Marzia and QOD…no rest for the hungry!

Classes and shows are in full swing now with L’Oreal and beauty abounds.  My travels have me visiting some dynamic salons filled with wonderful designers.  I love sharing with my peers and this is the perfect outlet, allowing me to delve into the creative and educational worlds I am so passionate about.  Being an artist for L’Oreal keeps me focused on ever sharpening my skills, which only serves to better care for clients and share with stylists.

I’m building and building and building at Salon Marzia right now and, should you know of someone needing some beauty guidance, feel free to drop my name.  My greatest ability to build a client base is by relying on all of you.   Friends, brides and event followers all need their hair done and I am the one to do it.  Whether in San Francisco, San Diego, points west, east, north or south, I am ready available.

Having added QOD – the premiere Brazilian Keratin system, to my folio, I am now ready to tackle the latest craze in the beauty industry and, if you suffer from frizzy, bulky, worn-out hair, or just desire to lessen your curl, call on me.  I am excited about this new technology, and even more excited to see QOD takeover the relaxer industry.  That is why I work so hard with the company to assure it’s success.

That’s about it for now…a bit rambling, but I am just that excited!

beautiful is what you are

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