Pre-summit Portland

Portland, Oregon and Jody Lampi were the gracious hosts of this Spring/Summer sneak-peek and educational, held for the first line of offense in L’Oreal’s quest for hair world dominance.  And both hosts were front, center and on top of their game.

I arrived direct from San Diego in the wee hours of the night to find my roommate had yet to arrive (or so I thought – the hotel not being too keen on organizational skills).  Unpack, brush the tooth and off to bed it was for me; the next morning, and over the coming days, I will be with peers as we further hone our skills and soak in the new collection: LOGBOOK.  More to come with regards to this newest of collections after the coming weekend’s beauty summit.  Oh yes, we hairdressers (at least us L’Oreal acolytes) partake in summits.

This gathering of the hands was spread over three days and attended by brothers and sisters in hair from parts west and northwest.  Dawn Mink, the trainers trainer, shared with us the latest techniques, in both color and design, of the coming season.  It may be raining and raining and raining, but we were thinking spring and summer and vacation. Whether refined or the adventurous type, this collection travels well (I just love these little collection hints…don’t you)!

An adventure of an other type was presented by our resident foodie – Vivian Grimaldo, and she did not disappoint.  Vivian was in charge of our menu and took on this task with serious gusto.  We went Peruvian, Thai and the kitchen sink, eating to our hearts content, and discovered new flavors and dishes and a Portland I had not known before.  The food was INCREDIBLE!  I tip my hat to 50 Plates, Pok Pok and, last but not least, Andina (a must visit again, when next northbound).  Thank you, Vivian and thank you, Portland for a happy belly (and a special thanks to Viv for a delectable birthday dinner at Andina).

Fond memories, inspired education and lasting friendships made for a great stay.  Thanks again, to each and all.

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