Spring/Summer 2010 Summit

Follow me, walking backwards:   It begins with some jazz in the background, sleeping dogs surrounding me, it’s raining outside and I’m still wiped out from the midnight landing after a six hour flight I waited five hours for to actually get off the ground.  Are you with me so far?

Why is it that a supershuttle ride from SOHO to Newark Airport takes 20 minutes, while the reverse takes over an hour?  I’m just sayin’!  Anyway, I missed the wrap session at our summit to catch that shuttle which, given that I saw Noah building his ark while buckets of water crashed all around us and umbrellas flew by without their owners , picked me up at 3pm – only to deposit me at the airport where I promptly began the 5 hour exploration of my exhaustion.   That said, to all my L’Oreal teammates I didn’t get to say goodbye to; there you go and all the love I have to spare.

Two days of practicing and sharing in the newest of collections soon to a salon near you.  Jo Blackwell and Suzi Bond created the BEAUTIFUL colors while Michael McCune and Kristjun Holt knocked out the OH-SO-TIGHT designs.

Our coming collection (see blog title) is called “LOGBOOK”, referring to the escapism and desire to remove ourselves from so much of what this recent past and present have been giving us.  What with recession, wars, job losses, a failing political system and now a horrendous earthquake – we look to escape and forget.  This collection, inspired by the runways, evokes the desire to explore, getaway and enjoy by creating the world we truly want to have; one of recline and repose, of exploration and adventure…and always of looking good!  The color schemes evoke sunrises and sunsets, the undulating waters we love to wade in and the ease and simplicity of life when experiencing such events.  The design element is destination based, the places you will find those experiences.  Rio, Ibiza, Sedona (can we all go…now!) – all have the freedom of movement and relaxed structure representative of vacations.  Put them together, pack your bags and kiss the world goodbye.

We spent two days working on the collection; practicing what we preach and preaching what we practice.  Time now to practice more; preparing for the moment we, as L’Oreal artists, are sent out to share with our fellow designers and clients alike.  On a personal note: feel free to ask me about the collection as I will most assuredly begin planting the seeds of change for the coming sunshine.

My Saturday began with the earlybird special, a 7:30 flight to New York.  For those of you having traveled west to east, you know it’s an all day affair.  Upon arrival I made my way to the Four Points Sheraton in SOHO – quaint and cozy, where all of us hairdressers stayed for our summit.  I also met up with the team of talent that helped knock out an incredible photoshoot that night.  And my room doubled as the photo studio – an incredibly cozy affair, given that New Yorkers seem to never travel alone.  At it’s peak the room had THIRTEEN bodies, piles of clothing and luggage, and beauty equipment galore.  Good thing the average height was around 5’5″, even while including our 5’10” beautiful model, Libby and my ever so grandly statured roommate, Laurant (he was so great and patient while we invaded his space).

The photo team consisted of the aforementioned Libby, the fashion styles of Liz Wachstein, incredible makeup of Jensee Etania, the creative eye of Nora Kobrenik and my new and dear friend, the ever so talented Shana Schnur, behind camera.  This incredible team and their support crew (did I mention New Yorkers travel in packs) so capably translated my vision – and added theirs for the better, in creating such beautiful imagery.  I cannot wait to share these images with you all!  Soon, I will post them everywhere and for everyone to see.  For now though, a sneak peek.  

Well, that was my weekend…three days full of hair and of little sleep.  Creativity busting from it’s seams.  A truly wonderful time was had and I send my heartfelt thanks to everyone for making it so special.

Beautiful is what you are!

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