DavidK at SOHO

To work alongside the talented people I do on a daily basis is an honor.  To be present amongst pure talent is a blessing from another source…

…David Kinigson is pure talent.

I was fortunate this past October to be at L’Oreal Professionnel’s SOHO Academy, wherein I assisted in “Alternative Inspiration: The Cyberhood Collection” by DavidK Space.  Pure, unadulterated cutting at its finest!  An incredible opportunity for any stylist, especially wherein yours truly is concerned.  To talk theory, to breakdown the cut, to challenge the very universe I roam is a space I take up residence as much as possible.  DavidK lives next door.

The art of the cut is an ever evolving theoretical study and, in my career, I have been fortunate to be influenced and inspired by many incredible designers.  Some directly, while others from a distance.  First and foremost (everything always comes back to her) is Diane Gentellalli.  She pushed, prodded and engaged my creativity to a level standard not met since…by anyone.  It was an euphoric experience to study under such genius.  Indeed, my work has since come back to the roots laid by her; the influence being so strong.  There were many ‘tweeners (Fekkai, Sassoon, Llongueras, Mascolo, MaBurra, Sahag) leading up to meeting David, some direct and others inspired, and the path could not have been any different, varied or greater than the one I walk now.

For one thing the influences and mentors above allowed me to develop techniques I can call my own.  All artists and craftsmen develop their own style and approach based on their teachings, whether direct or indirect, conscious or not.  We call these techniques ours, but they aren’t.  These are but the skills honed through tireless practice and study, bringing in one while discarding another.  Don’t get me wrong – I own my approach, but I am an amalgam of many.

In Joining L’Oreal Professionnel, I was introduced to Michael McCune.  It is important to mention Michael as he is the creator of our TextureCutting program.  (I shall not delve into it’s defining principles at this point, leaving it for another day).  TextureCutting too, draws it’s influence from afar, but is now thoroughly imbedded in many a conscience, mine included, as a singular theory to hair design.  In meeting Michael I found a peer speaking the same language and living the same approach to hair as I.  We have shared theory, technique and verbiage over these past few years and his ideas have further developed my skills as I have continued to explore the cut.  In working with David Kinigson I witnessed a furthering of my approach to design.

David’s 2 day course at SOHO academy took his students away from pragmatic fundamentals in hair design to a more internally inspired, yet thoroughly technical approach to design creation.  To speak and think logically with one’s approach, but to draw internally – from the gut, from the heart.  David has written a school curriculum textbook that breaks down everything related to hair; be it technique, presentation, professionalism, etc.  I have it and wish I had it back in school.  This stuff just wasn’t taught back in my day, only learned through experience.  What a resource for the young up and comers!  David’s time at SOHO did tap the internal hairdresser, but he tapped it through logic and passion.  His passion to share is glaring, and anyone having the opportunity to share in that passion, is truly indebted.

David was surrounded by a stellar and talented team in Parker, Melrose and Anita (with many others lending hands), and it was plainly evident how much an influence he has on everyone; their talents and confidence anchored in knowledge and practice.  I especially shine a light on young Anita for hers is a talent a year plus removed from school, but showing wisdom many more years removed.  A rising star indeed.

David’s is a TextureCutting approach expanded upon through his years of study and dissection.  He shared techniques that allow anyone, using any approach in cutting (be it vertical, horizontal, etc.), to take that cut to a new place previously unknown… Finished.

Yes, finished.  Just when you think there is nothing left in the fridge!

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