Houston, we have liftoff

No, I didn’t become the first hairdresser in space.  I did though, orbit the Earth on the spaceship LP.  Well, me and over 300 of my closest hair buddies.

Yes, L’Oreal Professionnel took all of us to the moon during our annual Sales, Education and Marketing event.  This was 5 days of learning, yearning and sharing.  From cocktails to reports on sales, both here at home as well as the world picture.  We were inspired by an Enigma, embraced change from within and were schooled on strictly business.  It was a powerful, empowering, exhilarating and exhaustingly good time.

A cocktail party was offered up by LP the evening of everyones arrival and it was a great icebreaker; getting to visit with friends from all over and meet new ones in the process, then a chat over dinner with a few more, allowing our minds to prepare for the coming days in an open and happy state.  Over the next two days we were presented with where we’ve been, where we are going, new tools to teach and be creative, as well as numerous calls to action.

In twenty-ten, LP became the fastest growing professional line on the market and the Number One brand in the company’s portfolio.  WOOT!  The jubilation and collective exhale felt great.  Our goal though, is to be Number One across the board…and achieve we will.  We owe much to the launch of iNOA, our ammonia-free permanent hair color.  It took the industry by storm and continues to grow, forging a paradigm shift and elevating the industry to new heights (I will speak more on iNOA at a later date).  We also though, owe a great deal to the amazing team amassed by LP; these are my brothers and sisters, working hard to elevate our industry with the best tools in the business – from the best team in the business!

Team breakouts during these few days included color swatch challenges and new product introductions, collection work and education gadget play (they gave us projectors!), but they also included HAA; Hairdressers Against Aids.  This is an amazing initiative that I will also soon speak at length on, but suffice it to say that Hairdressers Against Aids is a movement a longtime in coming.  I am proud to become a voice in the fight to end HIV/AIDS.

There are so many highlights at this event, that it is hard to say one was above all others, but our company dinner and collection presentation was certainly near the top.  How do you feed 400 hungry and slightly tipsy hairdressers?  LP does it well.  Great company and food, champagne flowing and for dessert – “Spring Illusion”.   Our spring/summer color and design collection created by Shelley Mohr, Jason Backe, Kristjun Holt and Joe DiMaggio.  Beautifully creative and thought provoking…it hits at the core of what my industry is all about – creating beauty.

Two other standout events were Strictly Business and Embracing Change.  Strictly Business is in essence, what our industry needs to survive.  Scratch that…ANY industry needs to survive.  Before the recession businesses ran high and wild, thinking their plan for success was strong.  Once the recession hit, it exposed the underbelly of deeply flawed planning countrywide.  Strictly Business is a comprehensive plan to teach tried and true business success models, and we at LP once again, lead the way with offering this program to our industry to partner and create success.

The other standout is Embracing Change.  Tanya Chernova is a bright and shining light of enthusiasm, empowerment and reaching ever upward.  Her program gives you the tools to understanding others, while discovering yourself.  LP brought Tanya to us so as to further enhance our tools in teaching and learning.  An accomplished business woman and coach, Tanya inspired us to truly work, create and be what we know we can be…

…and I was fortunate enough to have experienced her twice.  What an honor and what a goal; to do as she does is an opportunity I look forward to creating.

I mentioned it was hard to pinpoint that one thing rising above all others, but find it I did.  It was in the I am happily part of – Team NorCal.  Everyone from my region showed up for this incredible event, and I thank them for being the team of professionals they are.  I am proud to stand alongside them and look forward to sharing in their successes for many years to come.

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