Yes Virginia, they cut hair in the great northwest too…

…and cut hair we did!

Earlier this year I scampered up to Portland and Seattle for L’Oreal, to share the passion I have for the cut and was privileged to meet and work with some wonderfully talented designers.   Jody and Richelle, comrades in L’Oreal, were my booking agents, handlers and women of wisdom – teaching me ropes I was to soon grab hold of (that is another story, saved for later).  I visited five salons on this three day trip; all of them passionate, talented and involved in the learning experience.  Not meaning to give short shrift, and desiring to honor all for their hospitality and commitment, I list them now:  Tres Bon was first up and a great way to begin my trip.  Teal, followed by Pigment, began day 2, while Teze and Paule Attar rounded out my travels.

Tres Bon, located in Portland, has an energetic and young staff eager to learn.  Many of the staff are in the early years of their career and are looking for that much needed education and direction to grow.  Many of my peers have recently had the pleasure to further Tres Bon’s knowledge and creativity and, knowing how well L’Oreal supports their salon family, Tres Bon will continue to grow.

It isn’t often one gets to step into a space wherein one of your team members, designers of the highest caliber, works.  I had the chance to do this twice in one day.

The following morning I had the privilege of visiting Teal Salon.  This urban setting houses upscale service and talent, mentored by Deannalyn and Ryan, L’Oreal Portfolio Artists and incredible talents to boot!  Teal too, has a young staff and their talents are growing at a rapid pace due to the strong educational structure put forth by the Teal’s.  Presenting education in front of such talent is an experience rarely shared, but one I will always cherish and seek.  I cannot speak enough about Teal and my reverence for them, so I will ask you to see for yourself.  After all, they aren’t called the coolest salon for nothing.  Again I say, a privilege it was to share among talents I revere.  That evening I would have the further honor of Joining Ryan, Deannalyn and Tuesday, their daughter, in breaking bread and talking on our favorite subject.  Something about serious conversation regarding hair just turns me on to no end.  Thank you for such fine food, wine and company.

After leaving Teal Salon, I ventured to downtown Portland and Pigment.  Tina Helmer has put together an incredible team in a front-and-center location, challenging the downtown trollers to find a better place for their style.  Bradford Vinson anchors the color department, as well as being an incredible Portfolio Artist, and was only too kind to partake in my design class (he would also join me for the last day of my trip to Seattle).  When next in Portland, visit Pigment and checkout the beautiful window displays (Tina, you are good) and talented staff.

The next day Bradford and I drove to Seattle and it’s outlying areas.  Bradford went to Tacoma and I was carted to Teze Salon in Puyallup.  They were in the throws of a move to their new location, but were eager to learn and share.  Imagine my excitement at having over a dozen wonderful designers fully engaged, hairs flying and all!  A truly wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing Teze Salon’s new digs soon.

Last, but certainly not least, Paule Attar Salon and Day Spa. This presentation was a collections class given by Bradford and myself.  He of color, I of design.  We had the opportunity to show our work on two models, and one of them was Paule herself.  I love this place and Paule Attar especially, having had the privilege of showcasing uphair styling there in the past.  Someday soon, I plan to visit the spa section of this fabulous place…pampering the priority.

Again, this was all achieved; five presentations in three days, and my time north, though quick, was incredible.  Honored to share always, especially in front of such talent, and even more so when those talents are L’Oreal peers.

Thank you everyone, for such hospitality.

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