Discover Dia in 2012

A new year is upon us and with it, a short (very short) effort will be made to reflect on last year’s events…

…That was great!  Now, on with the new.

What’s on the plate for 2012?  First up – DiaRichesse and DiaLight.  That’s right, the world of color as we know it is once again changing, and L’Oreal Professionnel is leading the way.  Our improved and new (sic) lineup of demi-permanents will enhance the creative skills of the professional and offer incredibly beautiful hair to the public.  Imagine being able to darken hair up to 4 levels in one fell swoop!  “Hey Blondie.  Wanna go brunette?  DONE!”  Or how about adding pop to previous color, or toning those highlights?  EASY!  With our DiaRichesse Alkaline technology we can cover up to 70% grey hair, add a little bump to your new growth, or create a grand tonal change.  Our new DiaLight Acid technology opens so many new doors to creativity that you will have to experience it for yourself.  The sheer simplicity and beauty is astounding!

And let’s talk the services offered; whether you are GREY INCOGNITO, REFLECTS REVEALED or BACK TO ME – your natural tones have never looked better.  But what if you suffer from REFLECT ADDICTION or need a COLOR WAKE UP?  Don’t worry, we have the right prescription.  And if you woke up screaming TONE MY HIGHLIGHTS or think yourself a hollywood diva and need that PHOTO GLOSS, your hair will never look better (or brighter!).  But what of that dull finish you see after a re-texturing service?  The SHAPE AND COLOR service will ease your mind and enhance your beauty.

You see, it’s all so simple.  Whether a hairdresser or a client, your world just became more easy and pretty.

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