on creating fabric

Fabric, as defined in the dictionary: noun;
1. Cloth, typically produced by weaving or knitting textile fibers.
2. The walls, floor, and roof of a building.

So what does this have to do with hair?  Think of it as thread, yarn or any other type of fiber one would use to create your favorite sweater, shirt, blouse, etc.  The difference is a hairdresser’s medium is hair.  And with the right tools, there is nothing more beautiful than hair as a fabric!

So what are those tools?  We know of the obvious: a blow dryer, brushes, combs and such; but we cannot truly create a fabric without the baseline help of hair products.  Choosing the right products is important, for you are looking at mono & multi-fiber gels, creams and sprays to combine with hair and become one.  Mousse Volupte, Mythic Oil and Or Graphic: each from the Texture Expert line by L’Oreal Professionnel; are favorites as catalysts for my designs.  In conjunction with Densite, Volume Elevation or Fresh Dust, these products produce some incredibly beautiful styles.  I like to work Infinium #2 hairspray into the mix, as my binder, topping it off with #3 for hold, but if you live in the windy city – Infinium #4 or Freezing Mist is for you.  The point is hairsprays do not make the style, they finish the style, and you can’t create long lasting beautiful hair with just hairspray alone.

A textural change will happen when using product in your hair.  That change will help define the look you are going after and will give that look longevity.  Within the definition of fabric was an allusion to a building.  This second reference is also in direct correlation to hair and is in lock-step with how I visualize each product being layered together toward an end result.  As an example:  Densite is ever my beginning; the essential flooring for any design.  Layer Or Graphic to create my walls, while Infinium #3 becomes the roof.  Beautiful, yet simple.  Firm, yet pliable.  The array of products offered by Texture Expert are the keys to unlocking beautiful hair.

For more about creating fabric, or to get your own prescription for beautiful hair, feel free to contact me.

Scott Smith

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