They are all the rage, finger waves, and they come in many lengths, shapes and sizes. The one constant… Timeless.

Historically, the finger wave was a wet-set style: incorporating gels, a comb and lots of patience (and dry time); but today’s wave can be had with just a bit of heat from an iron. (I remember the pained efforts in beauty school, only to now thank my instructors). With a such a simple tool as a curling wand, you can add flavor to your style by giving that slight bit of bend to your fringe or front section of hair. Just pick one side, usually the thicker side opposite the part, give it the wave you want and tuck the other side behind your ear. Simple. Modern. Classic. Beautiful!

The finger wave pattern is an ‘S’ wave. To achieve this simply hold your iron in a diagonal slant when wrapping hair. Horizontal creates a barrel wave, while a vertical iron position creates a corkscrew. I know it sounds a bit hard, but it’s not. It is simply beautiful.

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