From Head to Heart to Hands

We are surrounded by technology.  So much so, that it is now part of our community DNA.  That community is humankind and it is in constant struggle with itself: at once learning, nurturing and growing; while at the same time struggling with inconsequence, insignificance and obsolescence .  Who we are and what we wish to be in this ever changing world are two questions constantly being posed of and by us.  Tom Friedman of the New York Times addresses the challenges facing the 21st century being and, within it, how we remain not only valid in an automated and computer driven society, but sensorially connected.

My industry, that of being a hairdresser, is uniquely positioned to face the challenges put forth above.  We engage on a daily basis with clients seeking change in their outer appearance, yet the touch we give comes from within and is shared to help others feel exceptional about themselves.  A mantra of  mine, and that of many of my educator friends, is this titled post.  Whether I am teaching within a cutting, styling or business formatted class, From Head to Heart to Hands gets to the core of what salons do everyday.

The salon is a place of respite for it’s clients, or so it should be.   The hairdresser has the ability to lift others by the very creativity of beauty, and guests visit us to look their best.  What they get is often a much deeper experience.  Guests walk away feeling their best, too.  And that feeling can be measured by how much, or little, the salon puts into caring for their guests.  A bad cut, bad color or simply an uneventful and uncaring space can make the guest feel unwanted and unappreciated.  Given the volatility of emotions that can accompany a visit to the salon, it is imperative the hairdresser focus’ on elevating the salon experience beyond the technical.

The greeting, the consult, buy-in, indeed, the entire process needs to be evaluated and properly executed on a consistent and high level to ensure not just customer satisfaction, but elation.  What most salons are doing now though, is simply not enough in this competitive market, and the challenge is only growing.  Our guests yearn for more than just a good cut, they also seek that calm and cared for experience so lacking in most daily lives today.  The warm embrace, focused attention, empathetic ear- these are but a few of the experiences that elevate their visit.  It is a choice we must decide: to be white linen or drive-thru.

From Head to Heart to Hands should be the beauty industry’s core value, for it reveals what we think and how we feel going into why we give, creatively.  This is how and why we, as hairdressers, elevate our relavence in this ever changing and automated world.  To pull from Tom Friedman’s article:  When machines and software control more and more of our lives, people will seek out more human-to-human connections — all the things you can’t download but have to upload the old-fashioned way, one human to another.”


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