PastedGraphic-1It’s September— the city is an oven, vacations are over and kids are back in school. What with magazines cranking out their monster fall issues to entice and inspire, there is no better time for change.

Many things will inspire you. Whether through nature, social or political inspiration, your ideas on fashion and hair will ever evolve, as they should. Bring those ideas with you when shopping for that new outfit or visiting the salon. Ask questions and challenge others to present their inspiration and ideas for you. Talk it out and you will come to what feels best for you for the Fall of 2017.

My thoughts, you ask? Happy to oblige.

This fall is about movement. From gentle waves to serious curls, hair will have more freedom to play and act out. A soft or heavy fringe may come into play, but it won’t be the defining piece of last season. No, this season is for the curl in the girl, so let it out and be bold. Should you have a natural curl that you’ve been restraining, let go! If though, you missed out on the curl-squad, grab that iron and have some fun! Don’t know how? Come in for a visit and I’ll show you. Best lengths to show off your curls are loooooong, shoulder shagged or the mop top. No time for ‘tweeners.

Color will have its say, too! BOLD.  Blonde, brown, red or funky— all color will be strong and showy. The flavors are based on the Pantones for 2017 (below) and are to be looked at simply as tonal influencers (not to worry, you won’t be walking about with these on your head… unless you want). Think solids in a world where we have tended towards blends.


This will be the autumn for expressing yourself.  ROAR LIKE NEVER BEFORE!