…We all need it.  In whatever we do: as a job, discipline or hobby; we all need to find that something that will drive us to new heights and goals.  What though, does this inspiration look like? 

For me, it’s art.  More specifically, going to museums and galleries whenever and wherever possible. Whether visiting my local museums (SFMoMa, de Young, Legion, etc.), during travels (Whitney, Met, Nasher), or catching up on art world news ( Two Coats of Paint), the thrill of seeing works of art both new and old is an inspiring and empowering experience.

The sights and sounds of an exhibit always push me to think more acutely at how I see things, keeping me fresh creatively and broadening my palette for what I do within my own field, as well as how I perceive the world as it should or I hope it to be.  

(The painting above, La Fin du Monde – Henri Magritte, in hairdresser parlance, speaks to positive and negative space, light and shadow. In essence, the what we see versus what we don’t see, in color as well as within the haircut). 

Inspiration though, is not enough. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” In other words, unless one practices day in and day out his or her chosen craft, then all the inspiration in the world will be for naught.

Whether at home and working out ideas on a mannequin head, practicing on a live model, drawing or painting, or even just walking with thoughts on design, the aspects of practice allow for success to enter the room. The day in and day out of working on something, honing it and your skills, can only make you better and perhaps, along the way, lead you to new discoveries.

                                        (Closeup of The Virgins– Gustav Klimt)

An inspired moment is a rush to behold, for it can takeover your entirety and allow creativity to flourish. Little voices grow loud and confidence swells. Even though things can often not develop as you had hoped, inspiration is that beacon of possibility that keeps you coming back to the table. (It is all a part of The Process – inspiration’s own dopamine).


(The images here show my path and process taken- from inspiration: Horst’s Mainbocher Corset, to inception: Coiffure Corset. Photo by Shana Schnur.)

So, with whatever inspires you, in the moment or in career, do something with it. As the artist Chuck Close once said: “inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work”.