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My New Digs!

I am so excited to join the team at MARZIA SALONS as its CREATIVE DIRECTOR.  What does that mean?  Essentially, I will assist in the development of our creative and educational departments.  As our teams develop we will share our vision and knowledge of styles and techniques with the public as well as our peers.  That is all in the future though, for now it’s time to get settled in.

You have undoubtedly noticed that the salon name was in plural form, that’s because there will soon be two locations.  The first location is at 166 Geary, on the 13th floor.  this is the same building I have been for most of the year.  The coming location is at 303 Sutter, and will occupy the three floors above FRESH at the corner of Grant and Sutter streets.  This little building is known as The Jewel Box, and rightly so.  Once open you will understand why.

Marzia Johnson is the owner of Marzia Salons and my friend.  We first met when I visited her previous salon (zindagi) as an educator.  We struck a friendship immediately through the sharing of our mutual passions of our industry; talking endlessly about hair, business and the future.  She has great plans and is amassing a wonderful staff to assist in setting these plans in motion.  This move seems a natural fit for me and I look forward to the many challenges offered.

As previously stated, I am so excited for this move and what it represents.  I have had, to this point, a vast and varied career.  The education I continue to receive has been priceless, especially from the “I wish I hadn’t done that” category.  This newest path I walk is an opportunity for me to further grow and and share, culling from my past experience in this incredibly giving industry.  I am still on a path of growth in San Francisco, beginning again my career, and I am grateful for the opportunities proffered.  Coupled with the creative growth and opportunities through my L’Oreal family, I look to make this chapter the best yet!  Join me and let’s write a paragraph or two.

Once again, Marzia Salons is located at 166 Geary street on the 13th floor.

beauty is what you are

Design Summit – West

…This past weekend the L’Oreal west coast education team came together for three days of learning and sharing our passion.  It was a weekend filled with cutting, cutting, new product launches and cutting…and it was fabulous!

We at L’Oreal are embarking on a new frontier; one that will see us grow to become a top design company as well as the leader in all things color.  My excitement lies in being part of the team bringing design to the forefront for, and with, L’Oreal.  Our TEXTUREcutting and mens HOMMEcutting (supporting our mens haircare line) are incredible systems of design and will further enhance the skills of designers everywhere.  I for one, am a better artist for the learning.

…Not directly related to L’Oreal, but exciting just the same, was my involvement in The Administrative Assistants of the 9th and 10th Curcuit Courts Seminar.  I teamed with makeup artist Chris Scott and image maker Antonia Russo in emparting our shared passion and knowledge of beauty tips and tricks to 160 attendees, hoping that they can go home and back to work with the added tools and confidence in creating self beauty.

Chris gave an incredible presentation on quick makeup tips when you are on a limited clock to get ready (and ladies, these tips are done at home, not while driving…despite what Chris says!).  Antonia was wonderful at showing everyone how to dress the part for work and going out; how to make something pop with just a bit of color and how to create that signature look.  For my part, I showed how to dress up a design with a couple simple tricks and explained the merits of using the right products for your hair and scalp.  I also touched on how to have a proper conversation with your designer (to get maximum benefit and attention).

These two events made for an incredible week!  One that has surely taught me as much, if not more, than I was able to give others.  I look forward to still more sharing and the doors to be opened from these experiences.

“Beautiful is what you are”

The Summit

I have friends who chuckle when I talk of our “beauty summit”.  I mean, this isn’t a Reagan meets Gorbachev thing.  But a summit it is and we are serious when it comes to our mutual passion.

Twice yearly L’Oreal Professionnel brings the most talented artists together to work on seasonal trends, categorized as spring/summer and fall/winter forecasts.  It is a beautiful experience!  For three days we create, learn and share the coming looks of the season.  The summit just experienced in Las Vegas was focused on our fall/winter 2009 collection…and it ROCKS!

Our latest collection is titled ROCK & FOLK, drawing inspiration from the music and musicians that impacted society so profoundly over the past 50+ years.  The color patterns, the cuts, the styles and really, just the attitude brings out what is truly needed at this moment in our societies history.  It explodes with energy!  It explodes with attitude!  It explodes with style!  Whether you grew up metal, punk, pop (I could go on) or were just an avid fan of all genres; music and it’s icons is what many of us, when younger (or young at heart), turned to for inspiration and expression.  The clothing, the makeup and OMG…the hair.  Big, badass and trend setting (and I have the pictures to prove that statement)!  From Elvis to Joey and Joan, and on to today’s players, hair is what has been most mimicked and is what we built our trend around for the coming season.  So now, when you’re playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you can also look the part and bring back that inner teen and inner dream you’ve been carrying around all this time.  Don’t just play it, ROCK IT!

A hardy congratulations goes out to all the NAHA winners this year.  NAHA is the beauty industry’s Academy Awards and is a beautiful showcase of exceptional talent.  The North American Hairstyling Awards – look it up and see the world not usually noticed outside of salons.

Beautiful…it’s what you are!

An Introduction

I’m an artist with L’Oreal Professionnel.  What does this mean?  Well, I get to share my passion for hair with other stylists through class and presentation formats.  It is an honor for me to be associated with L’Oreal in such a way and to visit with other designers everywhere.  I consider my peers and mentors within L’Oreal, family.  Each and every one of them brings to the table a shared passion and goal; to be the best, to share their knowledge and to promote L’Oreal Professionnel for what it truly is…peerless in the beauty industry!

This blog category will trace my experiences and exploits, keeping you abreast of all things L’Oreal, both beautiful and educational.  I hope you will follow along and experience my passion as well.

Welcome to my site

Hello and welcome to my website under construction.  In the next few days and weeks you will find some pictures, a calendar of events, perhaps some links to articles on me or on stuff that I like, and a blog – which I will at random update – with thoughts on beauty and rants on life.  I hope you will enjoy, contribute and tell your friends.