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The Summit

I have friends who chuckle when I talk of our “beauty summit”.  I mean, this isn’t a Reagan meets Gorbachev thing.  But a summit it is and we are serious when it comes to our mutual passion.

Twice yearly L’Oreal Professionnel brings the most talented artists together to work on seasonal trends, categorized as spring/summer and fall/winter forecasts.  It is a beautiful experience!  For three days we create, learn and share the coming looks of the season.  The summit just experienced in Las Vegas was focused on our fall/winter 2009 collection…and it ROCKS!

Our latest collection is titled ROCK & FOLK, drawing inspiration from the music and musicians that impacted society so profoundly over the past 50+ years.  The color patterns, the cuts, the styles and really, just the attitude brings out what is truly needed at this moment in our societies history.  It explodes with energy!  It explodes with attitude!  It explodes with style!  Whether you grew up metal, punk, pop (I could go on) or were just an avid fan of all genres; music and it’s icons is what many of us, when younger (or young at heart), turned to for inspiration and expression.  The clothing, the makeup and OMG…the hair.  Big, badass and trend setting (and I have the pictures to prove that statement)!  From Elvis to Joey and Joan, and on to today’s players, hair is what has been most mimicked and is what we built our trend around for the coming season.  So now, when you’re playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you can also look the part and bring back that inner teen and inner dream you’ve been carrying around all this time.  Don’t just play it, ROCK IT!

A hardy congratulations goes out to all the NAHA winners this year.  NAHA is the beauty industry’s Academy Awards and is a beautiful showcase of exceptional talent.  The North American Hairstyling Awards – look it up and see the world not usually noticed outside of salons.

Beautiful…it’s what you are!

An Introduction

I’m an artist with L’Oreal Professionnel.  What does this mean?  Well, I get to share my passion for hair with other stylists through class and presentation formats.  It is an honor for me to be associated with L’Oreal in such a way and to visit with other designers everywhere.  I consider my peers and mentors within L’Oreal, family.  Each and every one of them brings to the table a shared passion and goal; to be the best, to share their knowledge and to promote L’Oreal Professionnel for what it truly is…peerless in the beauty industry!

This blog category will trace my experiences and exploits, keeping you abreast of all things L’Oreal, both beautiful and educational.  I hope you will follow along and experience my passion as well.