From design, color and texture, to treatments and wedding preparations, you deserve to have amazing hair.


Designs of all shapes and lengths

Color from global to lites

Extensions for that long and thick look

QOD Brazilian Relaxer to rid you of the frizzies

Powerdose Treatments for healthy hair and scalp

Uphair and Blow Styling for any event

Bridal Packages for your special day


Consultations are always complimentary.


  1. Lois Kinsey says:

    I am so happy Cindy let me know you were going to teach an amazing class from verbiage and passion shared by myself, you were brilliant and please have a look at my site and comments are appreciated I am new to this world and I love your blog as well Keepp the LOVE and will as well!!! Much success!! Love Lois

  2. smith says:

    Lois, It was such a pleasure to meet you. You are the inspiration and passion so many of us aspire to be.

  3. candice cottle says:

    i would like to thank Scott for a wonderful styling class he gave at the Mosaic Salon today in Las Vegas. 6/9/20!4.. His passion and his knowledge was truly inspiring and exciting.. Thank you again for a wonderful class..

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